I trust Kieran with my life; he takes excellent care of my car, and I know it's 100% safe to transport my grandchildren! - Marg S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The service was good and timely. - Alan M. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This is a good business, and I have been going to them for years. - Jeremy J. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I trust the business, they always do good work, and I enjoy working with them. The people there are personable and I appreciate the work they do. - Rich P. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The business was awesome, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. - Jim M.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

I am a completely satisfied customer. - Rich W.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

They take good care of us and our cars. They call and let you know what the problem is before they work on the car/truck. We are very pleased with Murray's and have recommended them to our friends. So far the problem has always been fixed when we took the car/truck in to be serviced for anything. - Dorene C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business is honest, and they do good work. - Sandy C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The owner is very considerate, knowledgeable, and straightforward. The work was finished quickly. - Tiziano S.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

The service was great. - Markus T.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

They got it done quickly and efficiently. - Ken P.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

I have taken my toyota highlander to Murrays since I bought it 8 years ago. I am extremely happy with the quality of work, friendly atmosphere and ease of getting an appointment. Once, I had a warning light go on while driving in SF, I called Kieran and he had me bring it in immediately to be assessed. Turned out to be minor, but it was very assuring to know there was someone to help when I needed it. - Lisa F.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business is top of the line, and they are as honest as the day is long. - Bob B.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

I appreciate the quick and thorough service to my truck. - Teresa G.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

The business lived up to what they told me and completed the work for the price they quoted. They communicated well with me, had great customer service, and cared about me. They are a great organization. - Paul G.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

Kieran is a great person, and I will keep bring my vehicle to the business for service and repairs. - Brian H. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The mechanic is honest. - Sammy R.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business was great. They were very knowledgeable and explained what they were doing to my vehicle. - Ken N.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business is efficient, professional, and they have great customer service. - Dan V.  (4 star review on SureCritic)

My car was serviced in a very timely manner. - Lori Y.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

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