I like the quality of work this business does along with the customer service. I appreciated the work they did, and I trust them. - Tom W. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's did an excellent job on my vehicle, and I already have recommended them for service to others. - Lora G.  (5 star review on SureCritic)

My present and past vehicles are maintained in top condition! I have no worries or fears driving my grandchildren around or taking long distance trips alone. If I have a concern, I pick up the phone and call Kieran. They moved to their beautiful new shop and brought all their expertise with them. They are the BEST; trust me! - Marg S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The service provided by this business was fast, and the communication was excellent. - Laurie P. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's has maintained my Toyota Highlander since it was new in 2005. They are always easy, pleasant, very thorough, and competent. Highly recommend! - Lisa F. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I can always count on Kieran to do a great job and fit my car into his schedule when I need a repair. I drive from San Francisco to have them work on my car. They are the best! - Diane B. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's Truck and Auto Repair is extremely efficient, courteous and without a doubt; the very best auto repair business there is. Kiernan is the best. - Rob H. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The employees at this business are so nice and friendly. They fix the vehicle great the first time, but if something does not work, they fix it right away. I am happy to take my vehicle there. - Ted B. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business is nice, personable, and has good service. - Myles C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

My experience has been very positive at Murray's. I can think of nothing negative to say what-so-ever. - Don O. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I have been going to the business for years. They are honest and great. I am grateful for their services. - Susan S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I believe in quality and that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for quality work and someone that knows what they are doing, then this is the place. The shop is clean and organized and they communicate very well. Professional and knowledgeable. Unlike a dealership, they actually answer the phone. - Raymond M. (5 star review on SureCritic)

They rock!!! - Eric M. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Kieran gives me confidence that the work will be done accurately and in a timely manner on my Cadillac Escalade. I am very happy! - Gordon B. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's got my car going in minutes! I needed a new battery and they helped me out when I was in a bind. Nice folks and competent technicians. - Bonnie M. (5 star review on SureCritic)

As a woman, it is SO nice to have a mechanic who treats me with respect. That is just one of the reasons I've gone to Kieran ever since he opened his shop. Kieran's service is always very professional and very reasonably priced. He takes excellent care of my car and I was thrilled when I found out that he is a diesel specialist, because I did NOT want to take my RAM truck to the dealer for service. - Mary W. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I've had my Ford diesel truck worked on by Murray's three times now and the service has been excellent. Kieran explains what he's going to do to fix the vehicle and why. They seem to do a thorough job on everything they do. They also get the job done quickly. It's hard to find places that have good diesel mechanics, and these guys are the best I've found. - Robert J. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I worked with this business in the past. They were a referral from another facility. They did everything exactly as they said they would. They work fast and efficient with no surprises. They are very qualified. - Frank A. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I would recommend this business. - Michael T. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business shared so much information about what was going on with my vehicle. They made it clear as to why I have certain problems with my vehicle and how I can resolve them. - Tom G. (5 star review on SureCritic)

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