This business did a good job servicing my vehicle. They told me the procedures they performed during the service. I am completely satisfied and would definitely recommend them. - Oscar P. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I was referred to Murray's by my last mechanic and a friend. The owner was very helpful in getting the troubles with my van resolved. At last I have a good feeling about Murray's being able to take car of my vehicle in the future, and in return they have a loyal customer. - Verified Customer (5 star review on SureCritic)

Kieran & Jo Murray make this place extra special with their exceptional customer service. - Marg S. (5 star review on SureCritic) 

Murray's is wonderful, and I always go there. They do a wonderful job every time. - Ellen F. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's did exactly what they said they would do right on time and right on budget. They know about vehicles. There was no fooling around and no stories. They did it right the first time. - Rich K. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Everything was fine at the business. They did a good job, and I have had no problems. I have never had a bad experience with them. - John A. (5 star review on SureCritic)

My family has used Murray's for years on a variety of cars and has always been satisfied with the work. - Leroy S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The service was friendly, and I was happy with the good work done on my vehicle. - Donna M. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's follow up and are clear about what they want to do. They are honest and are everything other places aren't. - Logan C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The owner of this facility is honest. He has great coworkers who truly care for their customer's best interest. Everyone takes good care of me, they fixed the problem exactly as needed and they let me know what exactly what is wrong. I value their honesty and trustworthiness. Therefore, this facility is the only place I take my vehicle to receive any type of service. I will wait if I have to, even though I usually don't have to wait long when I take my vehicle there. I have built a strong rapport with them throughout the years and I plan to continue building an even stronger one with them. - Domenic P. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I thought my car was a goner, but it is running like a charm after Murray's was finished with it. I would recommend them to everyone. The best thing is he's honest. - Dorene C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business did a good job. They repaired my vehicle and they conducted an inspection to see what issues the engine might be having. I was pleased with this business. - Bruce S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The business did a good job. They had good communication and the repair was completed quickly. - Victor C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Murray's was very thorough, and I was very happy with the service they provided. - Linda L. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This shop is a rarity these days! These guys know exactly what they are doing!! There's not many places you can say that about anymore! Thanks, Kieran! - Chris G. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I was satisfied with the great customer service. The employees did a great job and the overall experience was awesome. - Robbie A. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I was satisfied with the time in which the service was done. I have had no problems with the business thus far and everything was returned in the state I expected. - Alex W. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I had a list of issues with the truck that had grown over the years, and it was time to address them. Everything was fixed to my complete satisfaction. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with. - Bill C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The employees provide personal treatment to the customer. Anybody who needs service done on a diesel vehicle should go to this facility. - Juan R. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The employees at this business went above and beyond my expectations to repair my vehicle. I am very satisfied with their service. - Charles H. (4 star review on SureCritic)

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